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Silikomart - Chocolate Funnel with Vat

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All polycarbonate/ABS material components in this product have been upgraded to TRITAN™ material.

  • Freezer / blast freezer proof
  •  Dishwasher safe

"Funnel Choc by Silikomart is a professional quality dosing funnel, excellent to prepare your desserts. Perfect to fill the molds by pouring the right quantity of product, to decorate and garnish with the utmost precision and without waste. Suitable for liquids, fondants, jellies, chocolate, creams, etc. Funnel Choc by Silikomart is characterized by an exclusive and attractive design. Studied in the smallest details to be functional and practical, it allows changing the nozzle while working, avoiding any waste of product and time. The ergonomic handle and the perfected opening and closing system make using the product extremely easy.

190mm x 220mm x h140mm, Ø130mm

Vol. Total: 1000ml

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