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Gift Registry

At Kitchen Equipped, you can create your own gift list for your wedding, birthday, and any occasion. Register now to create your gift registry. Browse popular gift options below and add your favorites to your gifting list! Need a step by step instruction? Scroll down to learn how it works! Looking for a professional help? Book a consultation with our specialist.

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Important: Please use a desktop/ laptop device to use our Gift Registry application.

If you are the host:

Once you sign in and create your registry, you will find Add to Registry button in the product page.You can always manage your registry in yourdashboardor you can also use a short cut to browse all of your gifts by clicking the red gift icon on your screen.In Gift Registry page, three options are available –  i) Find – Using this, one user can search for the registry of any other user by adding their first name and last name.  ii) Create – It is mandatory to create the gift registry for adding products in it. One registry per user can be created.  iii) Manage – Gift registry can be easily managed or edited.

If you are the gift sender:

Customers can easily purchase the products from the registry that is created by the host. There are two ways through which users can purchase products from Gift Registry. 1. By searching the registry on the store 2. When someone shares the link of the registryBelow are the steps for the same when searching someone else registry on the store:- Open the Gift registry page on the online store, for example –

Step 1:

Click on Find, enter the First and Last Name and click on Find. If the link is already shared by the host, you can ignore this step.

Step 2:

Click on View.

Step 3:

Enter the number of the product you want to purchase in the Cart field and then click on the Update Cart button.

Step 4:

Click on Checkout.

Step 5:

The Address will be automatically pop up if the member has already filled it while creating the registry or if the address is not filled, then you need to fill the address. Then continue to fill out the fields necessary to complete your purchase.

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