Slicers & Grinders

Whether it's manual or automatic, having these food slicers and grinders will be a game changer in your kitchen.  Prepare any kinds of food for sale in your supermarket, pizza shop, or restaurant!

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  • Manual Slicers

    Prepare veggies and meat with consistent thickness easily with these manual slicers. These slicing tools can do work that is difficult to replicate with knives.

  • Automatic Slicers

    With these automatic slicers, all you have to do is to continuously feed the machine to prepare perfectly sliced sausages, meat, and cheese.

  • Meat Slicers

    Manual or automatic, small or large slicers to prepare consistent sliced meat or band saw to cut out perfect steaks with bones, you can choose the one that best fits your needs from varieties of meet processing options.

  • Meat Grinders & Accessories

    Grind your meat for your signature sausages, taco meat, or burgers. Shop the right tool for any deli, restaurant, or other food service venue.

  • Bread Slicers

    If you are a bread manufacturer or a commercial baker, this is the must-have tool to keep offering the consistent portions. You will also find the heavy duty equipment to produce bread crumbs is also available in this category.

  • All Purpose Slicers

    In this categories, you will find wedge makers, veggies and fruits slicers, and instant food choppers to save your food prepping process time!

  • French Fry Cutters

    Supply for a large demand efficiently with these fry cutters. Prepare for French fries, potato chips, and ribbon fries to catch up with the order volume at your burger shop, bistro, or any fast food restaurant.

  • Spice Grinders

    Nothing beats the flavor of freshly grinded spices and seasoning. Grind salt, pepper, coriander seeds and any spices with manual or automatic spice grinders.

  • Coffee Grinders

  • Electric Heavy Duty Graters

  • Commercial Peelers

  • Slicer Discs