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Omcan WO-IT - Outdoor Wood Burning Oven with Indirect Combustion Chamber

by Omcan
Original price $8,430.00 - Original price $10,450.00
Original price
$8,430.00 - $10,450.00
Current price $10,450.00

The Omcan WO-IT series are wood-burning pizza ovens ideal for the patio or garden. They are extremely versatile, and are capable of cooking a wide array of foods from meat and fish to roasted pigs, cakes, and pizza.  

The main features of these ovens include a low general heat consumption, minimal carbon dioxide emission, and an easy installation.  Additionally, the structure of these models with their patented refractory floor and indirect combustion allow for an even distribution of heat, all-the-while ensuring the smoke or ash does not come in contact with your food.   

      • Extremely versatile 
      • Minimal carbon dioxide emission
      • Refractory floor
      • Indirect combustion
      • No gas, no electricity -- just good old fashioned wood heat!


 Model Item # Chamber Dimensions (WDH)
WO-IT-0435-S 43648 17.1" x 24.4" 28.3" x 29.5" x 71.1" 
WO-IT-0435-M 43649 17.1" x 31.5" 28.3" x 36.6" x 71.7"
WO-IT-0620-L 43650 24.4" x 31.5" 35.4" x 36.6" x 76" 


180 day warranty.


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