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OmcanSKU: 39247

Platform Width: 48"
Optional Shelf: No optional shelf

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Omcan has two models of their utility carts: the smaller cart's platform is 48" wide and the larger cart's platform is 60" wide. And because of their narrow, 16" depth, these make great stocking carts in tight spaces like a grocery store.

These are sturdy carts that are great for moving things around at a supermarket or other foodservice establishment. The metal is finished, so it will be very easy to clean. These carts are shipped knocked-down, so it requires assembly.

The smaller size cart, which is 16" deep by 48" wide, has a load capacity of 2000 pounds, and the larger model, which is 16" deep by 60" wide, has a load capacity of 2500 pounds. The upper shelf is an optional accessory.


Item Number 39247
Platform Size 16" x 48"
Capacity 2000 lb
Weight 80 pounds
Dimensions 51" x 16" x 61"

Item Number 23861
Platform Size 16" x 60"
Capacity 2500 lb
Weight 92 lb
Dimensions 63" x 16" x 61"


180 day warranty.


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