Omcan - Mobile Aluminum Lug Rack

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Omcan has four different models of lug racks. The smallest model has 1 slide for a lug, and the largest has 6 slides for lugs. They are all easy to transport, even with loaded lugs.

They are made of a heavy duty aluminum, which will be able to last in any establishment for a very long time. The slides for the lugs have been welded, and they come with casters for mobility. They do require assembly.

      • 4 different models available
      • Assembly required
      • 5" casters included
      • Constructed of aluminum


Item Slides Weight Dimensions
18315 1 8 lb 27” x 15.5” x 27.5”
13493 3 23 lb 26” x 18” x 40.25”
13495* 4 26 lb* 26” x 18” x 52.75”
13498* 6 33 lb* 26” x 18” x 67.75”

*Shipped on a pallet, so add 25 pounds to the shipping weight.


180 day warranty.


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