Omcan 80533 - Commercial Coffee Urn with 11 Litre Capacity

OmcanSKU: 80533



This is an Omcan commercial stainless steel coffee urn (item 80533) with an 11 litre capacity (11.6 quart). With its elegant style and simple design, it can complement any hotel beverage station, catering, or buffet operation.

      • Non-electrical unit
      • Elegant mirror-finished stainless steel that provides an upscale look
      • Designed with elevated fuel can holder
      • Comes with a cradle for chafing fuel cans
      • Comes with a burner
      • Great for serving hot or cold beverages


Item # 80533
Capacity 11 litre
Weight 3 lb
Dimensions 11" x 20.5"


180 day limited warranty.


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