Magnum | Heavy Duty Stock Pot, Aluminum

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Capacity: 8 qt
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A stock pot is a straight-sided, tall pot with two looped opposite handles. Designed for cooking stocks these pots are also used for soups, vegetables, pasta and seafood or anywhere rapid evaporation isn't needed.  This Heavy Duty Stock Pot is made with 9 gauge (6 mm) aluminum providing strength and durability without the extra weight.  The heat-conducting ability of aluminum, make this stock pot perfect for quickly heating liquids.

Lids/covers sold separately. See the guide below to match your pot with the correct lid.

 Sauce Pan Model  Pan Size Pan Diameter Depth Lid/Cover Model
MA108HD 8 qt 9.1" 7.4" MA108C
MA112HD 12 qt 9.8" 9.4" MA112C
MA116HD 16 qt 11" 10" MA116C
MA120HD 20 qt 11.8" 11" MA120C
MA124HD 24 qt 12.6" 11.4" MA124C
MA132HD 32 qt 13.8" 12.6" MA132C
MA140HD 40 qt 14.6" 14.4" MA140C
MA150HD 50 qt 15.9" 15.2" MA150C
MA160HD 60 qt 17.3" 15.9" MA160C
MA180HD 80 qt 18.9" 16.9" MA180C
MA1100HD 100 qt 20.1" 17.7" MA1100C

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