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Louis Tellier Id1205 Culinary Design Kit 5 Cutting Tubes

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Discover the brand kitchen food designer kit Tellier, a major player in the kitchen equipment for professionals. The kitchen food designer kit is composed of five tubes of découpoirs as well as three push buttons that allow the creation of different services. With this kit, you can cook in creativity, your fruits, and vegetables, fruit cocktail, noses, wood design with... The mechanism is simple: You just have to avoid food, then clip together the designs in different pieces. The button is an accessory that allows easy eject the food after cutting. Made with high-quality stainless steel, the food that the designer kit as well as long service life.

Technical details:- Length: 10 cm- 5 stainless steel tubes: 0.5, "1," 1.5, "2," 2.5 cm

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