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Home Chef

At Kitchen Equipped, one of the largest Canadian Kitchen Stores, you will surely find home chefs' essentials for cooking, baking and serving!

  • Kitchen Gadgets - Spiral Vegetable Cutters, Egg Cooking Tools, Food Choppers, Fat Separators & More

    Kitchen Gadgets

    Save 10x more time to prepare all of your ingredients. These ergonomic universal designs are made to be easy for everyone to use!

  • Kitchen Supplies - Strainers, Colanders, Cutting Boards, Countertop Appliances & More

    Kitchen Supplies

    This selection covers the essential kitchen needs from food prepping to cleaning such as cutting boards, strainers, countertop kitchen electrics & more!

    - Strainers and Colanders

    - Cutting Boards

    - Counter Top Appliances

  • Portable Pizza Ovens and Accessories - Ooni, WPPO & More

    Portable Pizza Ovens & Accessories

    Check out our all time best selling categories from OONI and WPPO that specialize in portable residential pizza ovens and complimentary accessories to make professional pizza easily at home.

  • Cleaning Tools - Brushes, Brooms, Mops, Trash Bins, Dust Pans, Sponges & More

    Cleaning Tools

    From innovative cleaning gadgets to essential tools, whether for households or restaurants, you will find game changers from our selection!

    - Brushes

    - Mops & Brooms

    - Sponges & Scrubbers

  • Kitchen Tools - Cooking Utensils, Food Prep Tools, Serving Tools & More

    Kitchen Tools

    Prep, cook, and serve! Make your cooking experience more pleasant with our collection of top-quality kitchen tools at the best price!

    - Kitchen Utensils

    - Food Prep Tools

    - Serving Utensils

  • Home Mixers - Hand Blenders, Small Bowl Processors, Immersion Blenders, Dough Mixers & More

    Home Mixers, Blenders & Processors

    Shop small food prep electrics. Make puree and dough, blend drinks, and  chop veggies and fruits easily at home with one button push!

  • Bathroom Tools - Curtains, Soap Dispensers, Drain Tools, Bathroom Organizers & More

    Bathroom Tools

    Keep your bathroom clean and tidy with various supplies such as shower curtains, soup dispensers, cleaning tools and more.

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