Kitchen Cutlery

We offer a wide selection of the best-quality kitchen cutlery, including chef knives, scissors, peelers, specialty knives, and more! Discover your favourite tools from the most trusted brands in the industry!

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  • Kitchen Knives

    Our selection covers for all kinds of kitchen niche with our selection of handy mini tomato knives, luxury Japanese Miyabi knives, large cleavers for heavy work and more!

    - Chef Knives

    - Boning & Fillet Knives

    - Knife Sets

  • Knife Storage

    Store your knives safely while maximizing the space available in your kitchen. 

  • Shears and Scissors

    Kitchen scissors and shears are convenient if you need to process ingredients that are hard such as fibrous vegetable roots or crab shells. 

  • Peelers

    Remove skins from our fruits and veggies that are unpleasant in your mouth. Specialty peelers that are designed for particular ingredients are also available in ergonomic universal designs.

  • Sharpening Tools

    You will need the right sharpener for your knives. Choose from manual stone sharpeners, sharpening steels, and countertop stand sharpener. 

  • Knife Sheath

    Protect the knife that you cherish and yourself with knife sheaths. It is ideal to cover your knives when you store them in a drawer. 

  • Cheese Cutters & Knives

    These cheese cutters are not only functional but also aesthetic on your charcuterie board!

  • Fruit Corers

    With one push, you can easily  remove all the unpleasant seeds and fibrous core. Different sizes available for you to find the one that best fits the ingredients you wish to process.

  • Utility Knives

    Utility knives are designed to serve for different purposes with one knife. Slice tomatoes and bread, fish, and more.