Cleaning Tools

Whether for households or restaurants, you will find game changers from this collection. Discover our top-quality essential cleaning tools everyone should have!

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  • Brushes

    Cleaning has never been this easy! With our varieties of brushes in different shapes and sizes for multiple purposes, you will not have to worry about not being able to reach a certain spot to clean!

    - Bottle Brushes 

    - Cleaning Brushes 

    - Dish Brushes

  • Mops & Brooms

    Easily clean dusty or sticky floor surface with essential cleaning tools! Whether you are looking for a tool to clean up indoor or outdoor, various styles are available to meet your special needs!

    - Mops

    - Brooms

    - Brooms & Mop Handles

  • Dusters

    Quickly sweep any dusty surfaces! It is easy to clean with these handy and convenient dusters as they can reach narrow areas such as pantry spaces and book shelves. 

  • Kitchen Gloves

    Clean any space without your hands getting dirty. Sleek slip-resistant gloves can keep you dry and out of reach from harsh chemicals.

  • Drain Tools

    Remove drain covers sanitarily without contaminating your hands and other things you have in your kitchen.

  • Drip Trays

    Free-flowing design dissipates fluid spills evenly to allow quicker evaporation. Keep mugs, cups, and pitcher bases dryer by eliminating the common fluid traps.

  • Trash Bins

    For organic garbage or recyclable trash, choose from various styles. Innovative universal designs with enhanced hygienic solutions are also available. 

  • Sponges & Scrubbers

    Sponges & scrubbers are the perfect alternative floor cleaning solution to mops. They can remove stubborn sticky dirt without relying on excessive amount of liquid.  

  • Cleaning Liquid & Dispensers

    Dispense your soup or any cleaning liquid. In this category, cleaning solution for specific materials such as stainless steel and ceramic surface are available. 

  • Plungers

    Plungers are the easiest solution for your clogged sink, floor drain, or toilet.  Clear blockages in drains and pipes quickly.

  • Squeegees

    Remove excessive liquid left on the floor after cleaning. It is also recommended for industries that requires a lot of water work such as fish markets or butchers.