Commercial Sinks & Faucets

With portable designs to large compartment sinks, we got you covered with the perfect cooking or handwashing station for any restaurants, bars, or even for outdoor events!

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  • Compartment Sinks

    Depending on your kitchen size and washing needs, you can choose from 1-2 compartments and drainboard on the left/ right/ or both sizes.

    - One Tub Sinks 

    - Two Tub Sinks

    - Underbar Sinks

  • Hand Sinks

    You will need compact hand sinks whether you’re running a restaurant, a health/ medicare institution, or any other commercial kitchen. Choose from standard types to portable pedestal sinks.

  • Commercial Faucets

    Wall mounted or pre-rinse faucets for your commercial sinks. Choose from a variety of sizes and nozzle types.

  • Portable Sinks

    Portable pedestal sinks are perfect for health care institutions, parks, and office. This convenient equipment that covers all of the dispensers you need is also available as well as standard portable sinks.

  • Sink Accessories

    From soup holders to sink mats, here you will discover practical complimentary sink accessories to keep your kitchen hygienic and efficient.