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Best Useful Chocolate Tools for Valentine's Day - Kitchen Equipped

Best Useful Chocolate Tools for Valentine's Day

Looking for a gifting ideas for this valentine's day? How about some delicious handmade chocolate filled with your love and care?  In this article, you will be introduced to our top 3 tools to make spectacular chocolate desserts easily!


1. Silikomart - Chocolate Funnel with Vat

Silikomart - Chocolate Funnel with Vat

This is a set piece with a portion control funnel and a vat. You can stuff some fruit paste, cream, or chocolate in a different consistency to make it fun! This non-toxic silicone bat is safe in dishwasher so it is easy to clean up after use!

Tips: Have fun with stuffing! Pour melted chocolate and drain excessive chocolate so that only the thin layers of chocolate is left in the mold. Wait till the thin chocolate gets chilled and solid. Then you can add any cream you want in the same mold and finish with a bit of melted chocolate to seal the top. 


2. Silikomart - Silicone Mold | Heart Shape

Silikomart - SM06 Wonder Chocolates Silicone Mold Heart Shape

Again from Silikomart, sometimes a simple gesture is better than anything! This is useful to make not only heart-shaped chocolate, but also cookies or brownies as this is made of a non-toxic, heat-resistant material which can be heated up to 230 °C. The silicone is very flexible so it is easy to take your delicious desserts off from the mold!


3. OXO - Silicone Spatula - 12"

OXO - Silicone Spatula - 12" / 30.5cm

Now let's talk about essentials. The angled tip makes stirring and scraping batters and sauces so easy. Silicone head and neck makes it easy to clean. Silicone is heat-resistant up to 315C and is safe to use on bakeware and cookware or to put in a high-temperature dishwasher. The soft, comfortable handle provides a secure grip even when your hands are wet. 


These are just a little small part of our large selection. To view more, browse our baking supplies! You will find innovative tools that are designed to be easy and efficient for anyone to use from top manufacturers in the industry such as OXO and Silikomart.


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