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Omcan PE-IT-0049-D - Double Deck Electric Pizza Oven - 41" x 27" x 6" Decks

by Omcan
Original price $8,579.99 - Original price $9,559.80
Original price
$8,579.99 - $9,559.80
Current price $8,579.99

The Pyralis is an electric oven that was designed and built to offer extremely high levels of performance, efficiency and reliability with low operating costs. In the mechanical version, the temperature is set by the top and bottom thermostats and is displayed on the mechanical thermometer.

The Mechanical Pyralis has a safety thermostat and independent chambers. The door is balanced thanks to a spring with an adjustable tie-rod. The baking chambers are in stainless steel and illuminated by light kits with heat resistant lamps.

Pyralis ovens have a steel front, pre-painted white grey body, steel door with glass, a knob for opening and closing the steam exhauster and non-thermal handles.

      • Does not include stand, but one can be purchased separately.


Item: 40641
Model: PE-IT-0048-D or Omcan PE-IT-0049-DD (digital controls)
Maximum Temperature: 842° F
Electrical: 220v / 60 /3
Power: 13.2 Kw
Pizza/hour (Based On 14” Pizza):120
Bake Time For 13"-14” Pizza: 3-5 Mins
Chambers Dimensions (WxDxH): 27.6” X 27.6” X 5.9” (x2)
External Dimensions (LxDxH): 43” X 39.8” X 29.5”
Packaging Dimensions (LxDxH): 43.3” X 44” X 33”
Net Weight: 403.4 lb
Gross Weight: 443 lb


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