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Omcan PE-CN-3200-D - Electric Double Deck Countertop Pizza Oven - 18" x 18" x 4" Decks

by Omcan
Original price $2,720.00 - Original price $2,720.00
Original price
$2,720.00 - $2,720.00
Current price $2,720.00

These ovens come with a removable half-inch thick ceramic pizza deck large enough to fit 18-inch pizzas or a variety of other food such as pies, breadsticks, and pretzels.

The top and bottom heating elements each have a different on/off control switches for even heating. These countertop ovens also comes equipped with a manual 30-minute timer, interior light, and a viewing window. These units are also stackable and comes with 4-inch adjustable legs.

      • Removable ceramic pizza deck
      • Manual timer
      • Body is made of stainless steel
      • Interior light
      • Independent Controls
      • Stackable with adjustable legs



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