Omcan CF-CN-0520-T - 20.5" Cotton Candy Maker with Trolly

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The Omcan cotton candy maker is a great way to make special events extra sweet! Perfect for birthdays, fairs, engagement parties, graduations, carnivals, festivals, fund raising events, corporate events, weddings and so much more!

You can also order an optional liner for the bowl, which is to be put in the bowl before you make the cotton candy. This comes with 6 clips to hold the liner in place. It helps to collect floss and prevents floss from flying out of the bowl.

      • Four clasps to hold the stainless steel bowl for effortless cleaning and removal
      • Front panel includes: display meter, speed adjuster and power switches
      • Stainless steel drawer for quick access for equipment and tools
      • Built in fuse for safety use
      • Comes with a stainless steel scoop
      • CE certified


Model: CF-CN-0520-T
Bowl Size: 20.47″/ 52cm Diameter x 6″/ 15.24cm Height
Power: 1.03kw
Electrical:110v/ 60Hz / 1
Dimensions(DWH): 37″/ 94cm x 20.47″/ 52cm x 35″/ 89cm
(49″/124.5cm with sneeze quard)
Net Weight: 21kg/ 46.3lbs.
Gross Weight: 23kg/ 50.7lbs.
Item #: 40383


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