Omcan SB-TW-0016-S - 5/8" Bread Slicer

OmcanSKU: 21122



The slicer is designed for shop counters. A safety guard device is designed especially for protecting the operator. The machine is safety-protected by an interlocked safety loaf pusher system and is powered by a 1/2 HP motor.

A bread bagging shelf is provided for the operator to pack bread easily. Crumb drawer is fitted for collecting excess crumbs. Heavy duty construction blade frame makes evenly sliced bread.

      • In compliance with Province of Quebec Safety Standards.


Item #: 21122
Model: SB-TW-0016-S
Quantity of Slicing Blades: 38 / 32 / 30 / 26
Slice Thickness: 5/8"
Maximum Loaf Length: 15”
Amps: 8
Motor: 1/2 HP / 0.375 Kw
Electrical: 120V/60 Hz / 1
Dimensions (DWH): 28.5” x 30” x 32.75”
Weight: 115 kg / 253.5 lb 


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