Omcan - Non-Insulated Proofer and Holding Cabinet - 10 Full-Size Pans

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The Omcan heated proofer (item number 43554) is a non-insulated proofer cabinet that can hold up to 10 full-size sheet pans (18" x 26" pans). This also comes with the QPS approved Heated proofer electric control box (item 39528).

This proofer can also function as warming cabinet (i.e. heated holding cabinet) because it can reach temperatures up to 180 degree Fahrenheit.

      • Even heat and circulation from air baffle and circulating air blower
      • Comes with casters (2 brakes in front)
      • Dual proof/heat control
      • Humidity from 30%-95%
      • Temperature goes up to 180°F (82°C)
      • Clear door with aluminum framing
      • Accessible control panel with LED temperature display
      • Equipped with a drip pan and internal water pan
      • Includes electronic control box (item 39528)


Item number 43554
Capacity (10) 18" x 26" pans
Net Dimensions 21" x 32" x 30.67"
Gross Dimensions 34" x 24" x 32"
Gross Weight 77 lb


One year parts and labour warranty.


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