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Omcan DW-CN-0096 - 26" Dual Service Heated Display Case

by Omcan
Original price $1,295.00 - Original price $1,295.00
Original price
$1,295.00 - $1,295.00
Current price $1,295.00

Omcan’s new line of Elite Hot Display Showcase is made with high quality components.

Increase sales by displaying your hot foods with our Elite Series Omcan Display Warmers.

These units are specifically designed to display hot food merchandise at proper serving temperatures and are widely used in the food service industry. These display warmers offers the convenience of self-serve and the efficiency of kitchen-to-server holding.

      • Brilliant Internal LED illumination on top.
      • Adjustable temperature controller. 
      • Temperature display.
      • Adjustable chrome plated shelves.
      • Sliding doors located from the front and back.



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