Omcan PE-BR-0025 - 55 lb. Potato Peeler - 1 HP

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It combines economy and efficiency in preparing vegetables. Simple and safe to use, as well as easy to clean! Constructed out of stainless steel. The peeling cycle is swift with minimum product waste. Equipped with timer, and sieve to collect waste


Model: PE-BR-0025
Horsepower: 1 HP
Consumption: 0.73 kW/h
Capacity: 55 lb
Output: (approx.) 1100 lb/hr.
Electrical: 110V/60/1
Weight: 99 lb
Packaging Weight: 136 lb
Dimensions (DWH): 26 3/8" x 21 5/8" x 45.50"
Packaging Dimensions: 31" x 49" x 52"
Item #: 20367


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