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Koolaire - KDT0420A 22" Full Cube Ice Machine Head - 440 lb/day, Air Cooled, 115v

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Koolaire KDT0420A Description

The Koolaire KDT-0420A ice head can produce 440 pounds of ice in ideal ambient air and incoming water temperatures. When these conditions are less than ideal, the machine can produce 350 pounds of full-cube ice. This type of ice works with cocktails, water, iced tea, and sodas since it will not melt slowly, but it does not cool drinks as quickly as smaller ice types. The food zone—the area houses components that touch water and ice–has removable white plastic parts to facilitate cleanup. Ice bins and dispensers are sold separately from this unit.

In order for this Koolaire KDT-0420A ice machine to produce ice, the toggle must be turned to its "ice" function, and the water curtain must be closed. The refrigerant lines are cooled with a fan, which then cools the evaporator plate. Water runs over this plate, and when it cools down, the water freezes into cubes. When water flows over the ice thickness float switch for a specific amount of time, the flow stops, and refrigerant warms the evaporator plate so that ice is released.

Note: This unit must be paired with an ice maker bin or ice dispenser.

Product Details

  • 440-lb. ice production capacity
  • 350-lb. AHRI-certified ice production capacity
  • Food zone is accessible after removing 2 screws and the door
  • Food zone has white plastic for quick cleanup
  • Distribution tube, floats, pump, trough, and water shield are removable
  • Finish on the exterior is durable and stain resistant
  • Full-cube ice size: 0.875 in. x 0.875 in. x 0.875 in.
  • Uses R410A refrigerant
  • Ice bin and dispenser sold separately
  • Ice deflector is required with an ice bin but not with a dispenser
  • 5,400 average BTU; 6,300 maximum BTU
  • Required ambient air temperature: 40-110 degrees F
  • Required incoming water temperature: 40-90 degrees F
  • Required incoming water pressure: 20-80 PSI
  • Required top and sides clearance: 8 in.
  • Required rear clearance: 5 in.

How It Works

  • Toggle switch should be on "ice," and the water curtain must be closed
  • Water purge cycle removes water from the trough
  • Air-cooled refrigerant lines chill the evaporator
  • Chilled evaporator plate freezes water into cubes in the individual cells
  • Water flows over the ice thickness float switch for a set time
  • Ice sheet thickness activates the harvest float switch
  • Ice releases from the evaporator plate once the refrigerant heats it

Dimensions & Utilities

  • 22 in. W x 24 in. D x 21.5 in. H
  • 10.3 A, 5.8 kW
  • 115 V/60 Hz/1 ph

Koolaire KDT0420A Specifications

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