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Japanese mandolin

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  • Mandoline with sturdy plastic body and 4 blades for easy slicing
  • Standard flat blade can be adjusted for thickness
  • Fine-tooth blade for elegant vegetable garnishes, medium-tooth blade ideal for sautéing ingredients, coarse-tooth blade for thick cuts
  • Equipped with a safety device, so that the fingers stay safe

Since the 1940s

The name Benriner has become synonymous with slicing vegetables. Originally a go-to food prep tool for hotels and restaurants, the Benriner Slicer's appeal has finally solidified its place in homes.

Continuous design evolution ensures unrivaled cutting performance and ease of use for both professional and home cooks. From radishes and apples to onions and potatoes, the high-quality, edge-retaining Japanese steel blades deliver a clean cut for any vegetable.

That's why the Benriner slicer continues to be the premier mandoline slicer among cooks and chefs for over 70 years.

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