Storage and Shelving

Be organized and productive with our Storage and Shelving equipment, designed to help you organize any goods in industrial environment or even at home. We carry many variations of storage equipment that are suitable for any occasions and needs!

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  • Restaurant Shelving

    Shelving units are the easiest solution to organize your food, cookware, or anything in your kitchen so everyone can see what is stored at a glance.

  • Storage Racks

    Store various items with racks that come in different sizes. If you are looking for a storage space that you can carry around, options with casters are available here.

  • Wall Shelving

    Having wall shelving is a smart way to maximize your storage capacity in a limited space. Allow efficient access to tableware and cookware.

  • Storage Accessories

    With storage accessories, you can customize your own equipment or find a replacement parts for the equipment that you already own.

    - Storage Dividers 

    - Casters

  • Drawer Storage

    Drawer storages are the right fit if  you need a storage space for smallwares at your office or kitchen. Organize your papers, kitchen utensils, cooking tools, and more.

  • Sheet Pan Racks

    Sheet pan racks are essential tools for bakeries, bagel shops, and pastry shops to organize and handle a large quantity of baked goods. 

  • Trucks and Dollies

    Nice and handy storage solution to carry a large number of stackable plates, heavy ingredients and supplies.

  • Removable Shelves

    Compatible with Crown Verity cooking equipment. Expand your barbequing work space and get more done with the removable front/ end shelves.

  • Carts

    Here you will find various niche carts from shopping carts to industrial stocking carts.

  • Display Tables & Racks

  • Ladders

  • Ingredient Bins

  • Bun Racks

  • Lockers