Kitchen Equipped - Wishlist

Tired of searching for your dream products again and again when visiting our website? Save time with our wishlist and save money on your commercial purchase by requesting a quote! Learn how you can maximize the use of our wishlist!!  ⬇️⬇️

1. Where to find your wishlist:

On both desktop and mobile, find the heart-shaped clickable icon to access your wishlist. See the screenshot below.

2. Log in or create your account

You can still add products in your wishlist. However, we highly recommend you join in our customer list to have your login email address and password saved. Not having a login info will result in losing your wishlist when clearing cache and cookie, changing browsers, or switching devices. 

3. Request a quote on your wishlist

This feature is availableonly when you are logged in. To request a quote, click on theThree-Dot-Iconon the top right of your screen, thenSharein the expanded menu. You will find a small pop-up contact form where you can enter your Name, Recipient's Email, and a Message if you'd like to add some notes. Please enterinfo@kitchenequipped.comin the Recipient's Email field to request a quote using your wishlist. 

After submitting your quote, one of our experts will contact you with a fully customized quote within 24 hours. By using this function, you can also enter any email address you would like to share your wishlist with your internal team or business partners to discuss your commercial purchases.