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Hazaki produces the finest knives in the world by blending ancestral Japanese forging techniques with classic Canadian woodworking. Each blade is handmade by skilled craftsmen in Seki, Japan. Each handle is beautifully handmade and assembled in Canada

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Hazaki Japanese Knives Pro Series

Pro Series

The most performant series of knives, meticulously crafted in Seki, Japan from a family with more than 400 years of experience in bladesmithing.

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Hazaki Japanese Knives Classic Series

Classic Series

High performance steel, military grade handles and a razor sharp blade combined to give you maximum precision and control.

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Hazaki Japanese Knives Cutting Boards

Cutting Board

Meticulously handmade end-grain large cutting boards to accompany your highest quality Hazaki knives. Made by hand in Montreal, Canada.

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Hazaki Japanese Knife Sharpener


What's having good knives if they're not sharp? Never own a dull knife again with all-new premium quality whetstone kit.

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