Eurodib - Manufacturer and Distributor of Fine Kitchen Equipment

Share information about yoKitchen Equipped is one of the exclusive vendors in Canada that carry a wide range of products from Eurodib, its sub-series, and a variety of brands that Eurodib distributes . Choose from residential smallwares, commercial cooking equipment, kitchen utensils, baking supplies, and more!ur brand with your customers. Describe a product, make announcements, or welcome customers to your store.

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  • Atmovac

    Eurodib's proprietary brand of CommercialVacuum machines, packaging and Sous-Vide solutions. Find everything you need for soft cooking with perfect temperature control and sealing.

  • Brema

    Since 1985 Brema's been making ice machines with constant careand attention to detail, also with a commitment to customers, who must always be providedwith optimal, timely solutions for all their needs.

  • Cofrimell

    Since 1981 Cofrimell has been in the international market for over 35 years, continuously growing and expanding itself.

  • de Buyer

    Founded in 1830 De Buyer company has been creating  the best cookware utensils for the professional. Their products contribute to preserve the greatness, the traditions, the charm and above allthe delicious flavor's of French gastronomy.

  • Gemm

    BASIC range of blast freezers. Ideal appliance for chefs, pastry and ice cream makers.Fitted with simplified, user-friendly electronic control panel which allows for easy setting of chilling cycles.

  • Homichef

    With a mission to join with customers in conserving energy and reducing consumption, this brand has been manufacturing its high-quality cookware and accessories under one roof.

  • Krampouz

    Originated in inventing crepe makers, now the brand has expanded to diversify its line to portable crepe stations, food warmer, and more while applying its know-how with a history.

  • Lamber

    If you are looking for one of the most dependable, cost-efficient and highest-quality line of dishwashers and washing equipment, LAMBER array of products is the sure your choice.

  • Saint Romain

    Saint Romain is a French company located in Saint-Etienne (France) that is manufacturing products for institutions, professionals and ergonomic crockery for over 70 years.

  • Unox

    A leading manufacturer of professional ovens that is increasingly becoming the industry benchmark due to its ability to combine quality, competitiveness and simplicity in every product and service.

  • Visvardis

    It's Gyro Machines are highly demanded in the marketplace today. The standard feature includes individual burner controls, ceramic plates with flame adjustment, removable burner protection, a removable drip tray, and a scoop for the meat.

  • Spidocook

    Technology, design and performance has been part of its DNA since 1993, With sales and deliveries in over 60 countries worldwide, it truly is a global partnerfor all operators that are looking for quality professional cooking solutions.

  • Nemox

    Nemox is a modern company that combines technology, innovation, and quality to create tomorrow’s products today.  Find niche equipment, with high-tech and functional content, for both domestic and professional use.

  • Silikomart

    Silikomart products have a reputation for enhanced design and are renowned for their high-quality silicone and „MADE IN ITALY“ production. Choose from Silicone Baking Molds, Cake Molds, Mini Molds, and more.

  • Louis Tellier

    Originating from the commitment and passion for culinary excellence, Louis Tellier has been striving to deliver diverse and the finest kitchen tools for over 65 years.