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The hot well island merchandiser HFT2 features EcoSmart® hot wells that use no water, sparing you dangerous steam-related hassles and expenses. Instead of using hot metal rods to generate heat, we use even, gentle and radiant Halo Heat® to keep this fragile food warm. This display heating method keeps food at the optimum temperature longer, without drying the items out prematurely.


Service Convenience. Capitalize on the flexibility of either countertop or integrated mobile service applications. Modular units can be moved anywhere, allowing greater flexibility of placement in order to capitalize on traffic patterns and impulse sales.

Water-free Heating Technology. Elimination of water means reduced construction and installation costs, no water supply and drainage costs, reduced safety and sanitation issues, and improved food quality and presentation.

Quality. Gentle, radiant Halo Heat keeps food at the optimum temperature longer, without overcooking or drying food out.


- Dual heat sources: Keep food at precise temperatures without drying food out; uses no water or steam to keep food warm.

- Breath guards: Attractive, durable and easily removable for cleaning.

- Tray slides on each side of the table: Make self service simple and convenient.

- Lexan polycarbonate thermoplastic sides: Protect the table from side impact.

- Optional mobile system: Drop the countertop merchandiser into the mobile system base to place your hot food display where your customers are.


Experience better food quality and higher yields with Halo Heat® technology. Unlike traditional heated holding or low temperature cooking technologies, temperatures created by Halo Heat technology don’t fluctuate to extremes. This gentle, radiant heat evenly surrounds food without the use of extremely hot elements, added humidity or fans.

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