Kitchen Equipped - WOODEN PIZZA PEEL 12"X14" OVERALL 22"

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Wooden Pizza Peel 12" x 14" Overall 22". 

Ensure fast, effective service at your bustling pizzeria with this 12" x 14" wooden pizza peel! This wooden peel features a tapered design for easy handling while a short, 22" handle ensures a safe, sturdy grasp in smaller kitchens. Its blade keeps the peel balanced and makes it easy to maneuver your pies.
Wooden peels, like this, are superior to steel peels in that they easily slide under a pizza with less risk of causing damage to the pie itself. 1/2" thick pine wood keeps it light in hand and looks great too - your customers will love the rustic charm of the wooden peel as you slide their orders in and out of your pizza oven!
Length 22''
IC 2
MC 12


SKU: 6121422
UPC: 628971042883
M.C.: 12

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