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Best Tomato Prep Tools - 2021 - Kitchen Equipped

Best Tomato Prep Tools - 2021

Preparing a tomato can be such a hassle especially if you don't have the right tool. The weather is finally getting warmer. Spring is just around the corner. Did you know? Tomatoes are juicier and sweeter in the warmer season. In this article, you will discover the best tomato tools that will help you prepare tomatoes without a headache.


1: Sanelli - TOMATO KNIFE PREMANA 4 3/4" - 329612

Needless to say, using a cheap and unsharpened knife will destroy the shape of the tomato slices, and you will lose all the good flavor and juice.... If you want to preserve all the nice stuff out of tomatoes, make sure you use a good-quality sharpened knife, ideally the one that's specifically designed to prepare tomatoes. This knife was made by Sanelli, a brand that manufactures the top-quality cutlery under thorough quality control in Italy. It is made of stainless steel, which is perfect to process acidic ingredients like tomatoes. It comes pre-sharpened and so you can use it right away!

Cutlery Store

2.OXO Cut & Keep Tomato Saver

OXO, a brand known for its universal designs put a cutting board and a food storage container together! Skip all of the steps you would usually take, such as using a cutting board that is unnecessarily bigger compared to the size of tomatoes and storing tomatoes in disposable plastic bags, foil or wraps. Stretchy silicone flexes to fit different shapes and sizes of tomatoes and other similar produce.

OXO - kitchen utensils & gadgets

3. Ankarsrum Stand Mixer

From tomato paste for pizza to fresh and cold tomato sauce for spaghetti, easyly process your tomatoes with our popular Ankarsrum Stand Mixer. What's special about this product is that you can change the mixer attachment to mix or grind any kinds of ingredients. According to your need, this mixer can also transform into a meat grinder, coffee grinder or dough mixer! It comes in different colors so it matches with your kitchen visual aesthetic. I mean, who doesn't love a beautiful kitchen?

 Stand Mixer - Cooking Store

4. Magnum | Tomato Shark - MAG11000

Using a pairing knife to remove the stem might be a little challenging if you can not used to it. This will be a game-changer in your kitchen for those who prepare tomatoes. It will make your prep time significantly shorter without looking the good part of the tomato. With a few bucks of investment, you will no longer have to worry about smashing tomatoes! All you need to do is just to insert teeth of corer at the stem and twist it out!

 Tomato Corer


 Easy Tomato Recipe:

Tomato Tartare - Recipes for Spring 
Taking advantage of the perfect harmony of the flavors, make a fresh and cold appetizer.

Ingredients (for 1 person):
2 small tomatoes or 1 large tomato, salt & black pepper (1/2 teaspoon), extra virgin olive oil (1 tablespoon), 1/2 garlic clove, Italian basil/ parsley (2-3 leaves), a slice of lime.

Step 1:Prepare your ingredients.
Finely mash or cut them if you prefer to eat it with some crackers or slices of bread. To serve this as an appetizer, you can also roughly cut it to leave a bit of a body to bite. It's up to you if you peel the tomatoes or not. Finely chop a half of garlic clove so that the flavor goes throughout your tartare. Basil/ parsley leaves can be chopped roughly especially if you want to enhance the beautiful color contrast. 

Step 2: Seasoning
Put all of the chopped ingredients in step 1 in a bowl. then add salt & pepper, lime juice (as much as you prefer) and mix them gently.

Last Step: Plating
Place your tomato tartare on a beautiful flat plate. Add 1 tablespoon of extra virgin old and voila! Enjoy it as an appetizer, or a quick lunch, with a freshly toasted baguette! 

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