1, 2, and 3-Phase - What is the difference? | Key to Successful Commercial Kitchen Installation

1, 2, and 3-Phase - What is the difference? | Key to Successful Commercial Kitchen Installation

If you are shopping for commercial equipment and browsing through spec sheet, you might have encountered the word, "Phase" multiple times. In this article, you are going over the Difference Between 1 Phase 2 Phase and 3 Phase power and you will learn what to do to equip your kitchen with the right tools successfully. 

What are the Types of Phases?

When you find the word 'phase' in spec sheet or any forms of product descriptions for electric commercial kitchen equipment, it refers to the number of alternating voltages available from the electric power utility. There are 1 Phase (Single Phase), 2 Phase (Double Phase), and 3 Phase (Three-Phase). These are categorized depending on the voltage that they can handle.

1-Phase Electric Power:
It consists of a phase wire and a neutral wire.
Voltage: 220V
Application: Household appliances.

2-Phase Electric Power:
It consists of two-phase wires.
Mutual voltage: 380V.
Application: AC welding machine

3-Phase Electric Power:
It consists of three phase wires.
Mutual voltage: 380V.
Application: Three-phase motor

Things You Must Know to Avoid Any Troubles

As discussed above, phases are categorized depending on the voltage. The equipment will not turn on if your kitchen is not equipped for the phase power. Purchasing commercial equipment is a huge investment and it is difficult to reverse the situation if something goes wrong. Follow the steps below to make sure if you are getting the right equipment that is compatible to your power source available.

 1. See if what type of outlet is available at your commercial kitchen.

Equipment needs to be wired with the specific outlet. We recommend you consult with your landlord or technician to make sure that the equipment is going to work in your building. 

2. Use Free Resources

No one can give you a better advice than the experts in the industry. Ask for more details about the equipment you are interested in as you request a quote or simply contact us! Our specialist can also give you alternative items if the equipment that you want is not compatible with the phase power at your place.

3. It is not convertible between phases..... Unless you really want to

You will not be able to convert from let's say, 1 phase to 3 phase. However, you might consider construct your facility to be able to use the phase power if you are looking to update your kitchen with niche kitchen equipment that you cannot find any similar alternatives in the market at all. However, it will be a big investment, so we always do our best to find alternatives available in different phase powers.

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