Magnum | Bain Marie, Stainless Steel

MagnumSKU: MAG5401

Size: 1.25 qt


These Bain Marie pots are the classic cylindrical shape used to hold soups, sauces and creams in shallow pans containing warm water.  Straight-sided with a small lip, these pots can be used in steam tables and warmers and will sit flat on adapter plates. Bain marie pots are also called round inserts, round insets, inset pot and vegetable insets.  

Stainless steel construction means durability under repeated use whether for it's designed use or as a bucket for storing kitchen utensils. You know you have at least one of those!  

Product # Capacity Diameter Height Cover/Lid
MAG5401 1.25 qt 4.125" 5.75" MAG5411
MAG5402 2 qt 5" 6.75" MAG5412
MAG5403 3.5 qt 6.125" 7.25" MAG5413
MAG5404 4.25 qt 6.5" 7.5" MAG5414
MAG5406 6 qt 7.25" 8.75" MAG5416
MAG5408 8.25 qt 8" 9.75" MAG5418
MAG94420 12 qt - - MA94490


Also available are double boiler sets.

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